Hanex acrylic solid surface for residential and commercial projects.

Hanex is a premium acrylic Solid Surface offering endless design possibilities and product performance. Whether used in a domestic kitchen or a commercial project the design prospects are endless.

Hanex is 30% Polymethylmethacrylate and 70% Alumina Trihydrate.

Benefits of Hanex

Here are the benefits of Hanex at a glance.

  • 100 Colour Choices
  • Easily Fabricated
  • Can be cut shaped our moulded as required
  • Fully FR Classified
  • Moisture, pollutant and bacteria resistant

1. Structural Performance

a. Light weight for a reduced structural load.
b. High flexural and tensile strength providing excellent resistance to wind loads.
c. Compatibility with typical building components, structural silicone and sealants.
d. High resistance to abuse and graffiti.

2. Fire Resistant

Fire Resistance through its low burning characteristic.

3. Weather-ability

a. UV resistance
b. Weather resistance minimizes leakages from wind driven rains
c. Excellent resistance to freeze, thaw, chemicals and detergents.

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