Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing A&D Fabrications.  The following may help answer any queries you have about your solid surface installation.


Any quotation that is presented is an interpretation of the brief presented by you the client. As such it is our expectation that the quote be checked upon receipt, and any questions raised must be resolved before fabricating can begin. If there are any amendments required we will re-quote you immediately to ensure that we can proceed without delay.


We appreciate that we may need to attend inductions on commercial projects and won’t include this in your quote unless otherwise indicated at the time of the request. Inductions will be charged at the usual rate. Where ever possible we will try and limit costs by fitting inductions around other visits.


It is our recommendation that the Customer be present to ensure the accuracy of the template. Our Templater may have some questions on location and may need an immediate decision. Any changes made at this time will be presented in writing in the form of a re-quote for your approval. Please ensure you are happy before you authorise us to proceed.

It is your responsibility to prepare the area before templating can begin.  All units and panels will need to be in place and cannot be moved between templating and installation.  Walls will need to be completed (plastered not painted or tiled) and appliances in place including any external sinks, taps and hobs on site but not in place unless we are fabricating or supplying these ourselves. Any flooring you wish to add to the job will need be finished prior to template to ensure that this does not affect the final fit.

We would advice that you use our own Templaters and strongly recommend against out sourcing this step to avoid discrepancies. We will not be liable for any templating discrepancies with measurements taken by anyone other than our team.

Within 48 hours of templating we will supply a cutting sheet to be signed. Once we have received this we will then place an order for materials and you should allow 7-12 working days for installation. This will not serve as a guarantee without confirming the availability of your chosen material.


Please notify us of any complications that may make it difficult for us to install prior to our arrival. This would include accessibility, parking and the floor in which we will be working on is situated. We will need to know this at the time of quoting to ensure we make provisions for this on your quote. Where possible we will not need to amend the pricing and may need you to arrange access and payment for any parking.  

We would ask that any secured batoning or angled brackets and any other adequate support is provided and are accessible to our fitters to allow us to get the desired finish. We will need you to make sure that all units are level as the worktops will follow the line of the units already in place. Unlevel base units may have an impact on the overhangs and any upstands.

Although we will try to contain any dust, to get the perfect fit we may need to carry out some minor work on location, therefore, we would appreciate all base cabinets, open units and the room to be cleared. We will need you present to witness a checklist before and after our visits to ensure satisfaction. Whilst our fitters will ensure that they clear and clean up before they leave the premises, please be aware that dust may settle after we leave.

Occasionally we may need to carry out work outside of the property and we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum. As a precaution it may be advisable for you to notify any parties that may be affected by our presence. Our team will not be drawn in to any conversations and will redirect any questions.

We will require the customer on site during installation to ensure we are meeting expectations. Any questions can be raised at the time of installation as we may be able to take care of the issue immediately.

Changes and Failures

If for any reason you need to cancel or change the date of any of our visits, please let us know as soon as possible.   Any changes made without a 48 hour notice may be subject to a nominal charge to cover costs.

If the area is not prepared for both templating and installation as requested prior to our visit, you may be charged the full cost and recharged for a second visit.

Where ever possible we will endeavour to be there on the day we arrange. On the rare occasions that we may need to let you down due to reasons beyond our control, we will keep you posted as best we can but are not liable for any expense or inconvenience this may indirectly cause.

Cleaning and Maintenance of your solid surface

Although liquids do not penetrate solid surfaces we recommend that you attend to any spillages as soon as possible. A damp microfiber cloth with a standard kitchen spray used in a circular motion should prevent stains. Stronger abrasive detergents can be used but may cause discolouration to the material. For any stains that cannot be removed using the above method please refer to the ‘use and care’ guidelines. If for any reason you do not have this please feel free to contact us direct.

Bleach can discolour solid surfaces if not removed immediately with water.

Like all materials, solid surface materials can develop slight abrasions over a lifetime of use. We would advise that you do not cut or chop directly on the work surface nor drag heavy items such as kitchen appliances or heavy bags.

A care kit can be purchased for your solid surface worktops. Ask us for more details.

If your solid surface is damaged, we will be more than happy to restore it to its original integrity. Please contact us for more details on sales@adfabrications.co.uk

Finish of Material

The standard finish work tops to a matt finish. Samples may differ from this. We can finish your solid surface to a semi gloss or gloss finish on request at an additional cost, but would not recommend this as it is likely highlight general wear and tear with prolonged use.

Heat Precautions

As we use acrylic materials hot objects should not be placed directly on the surfaces. If you are pouring boiling water onto a solid surface acrylic sink, always run the cold tap at the same time.  

Ensure you use the correct size pan for the burner with no overhang of a hot pan exposed to acrylic solid surface which may scorch the material.

Avoid placing hot appliances such as slow cookers and steamers over joins to prevent splits. We would recommend a heat proof mat be used when using such items.


Joins are seamless, not invisible, and may be more noticeable dependant on colour. The majority of colours offer inconspicuous joins and we are happy to present these colours to you on request.  You will be shown the joins at installation stage so you can follow our guidelines to ensure longevity with your A&D Fabricated solid work surface.


Grain Directional

If your choice of colour has veins or grains please note that these may be visible at the joins or coving.  Standard sized samples of these materials are available but you may prefer an A4 sized sample to see the detail. We may be able to supply you with this on request. Please note that veining patterns are random and your final option may not be exactly as you have seen and be visible where we have joined sheets in your fit. For this reason we advise against coved upstands with such colour choices. Additional costs may be incurred if there is a change in colour or pattern at the time of templating as we may need to order additional materials to counteract this.

If your preference is to have a colour with more pronounced veins we will be able to accommodate this at a cost.

Translucent Colours

Translucent colours allow three times as much light to pass through the sheet and is perfect for back lit applications. These colours can show joins and are best restricted to scenarios where joining is not required. As such these colours are not recommended for kitchen surfaces. Full lists of our translucent colours are available on request.

Metallic Colours

Metallic pigments in solid colours reflect light directionally as such we do not recommended that these colours be used on coves. Expect to see variation of pigment depending on the angle of the lights and positioning of the solid surface.

UV Exposure

Only certain brands and colours are suitable for use in direct UV exposure. You should notify us at the time of your quotation if your intention is to use your solid surface where it is exposed to UV rays, so we can advise you accordingly. This may affect your guarantee.

Upstands, Splashbacks, Wall Cladding, Coving and Window Sills

Square upstands will be butted down to the surface and a bead of clear silicone will be applied to the 90 degree join where the two meet.

As a standard all Wall Claddings, Upstands and Splash backs are produced at a 12mm thick material and coving at a 10mm thickness.

Coving is only done between work tops and upstands and corners will be joined square and not coved. As a standard the top edge of the coving is squared off and upstands are only installed against a wall. Any amendments to the standard will need to be agreed beforehand.

A standard window sill does not have any overhang or horns.

If a splash back is ordered there will need to be a minimum of 100mm between the splash back and hob. Any units with a gas hob will need to be break fronted unless all units are far enough away from the wall to allow the hob to be brought a sufficent distance forward. The same applies to upstands higher than 50mm.

After installation you may notice a gap in-between the upstands and the wall as it settles which can easily be rectified by your decorator using caulking. This is because walls are not straight and coved upstands can only run in a straight line. Our templaters and installer will both work to achieve the best fit possible.

Edge Profiles

If no edge detail is confirmed we will apply a small pencil edge.  You may want to consider adding a water safe edge in front of your sink and drainer to help contain water in this area. You will need to ensure that you request this with your order as it does not come as a standard.


Our standard 38mm fascias for kitchen work tops and 24mm bathroom vanity units will be supplied unless otherwise requested.

Overhangs, Sub frame & Support Requirements

A standard overhang is 40mm from the carcass edge with a standard kitchen edge of 18-20mm. This will give a standard overhang of 20-22mm from the door.  If you are having a different sized door you will need reconsider your overhang size. This will need to be confirmed prior to templating and varying units may require varying overhang sizes.

We use the industry standard of moisture resistant MDF in a ladder frame format for the underside of the unit. If you would like us to use a solid surface for underside or overhangs please let us know prior to your quotation.

The maximum overhang that we can achieve without additional support is 300mm with 38mm fascias. For larger overhangs we are able to insert steel supports at an additional cost. A minimum of 38mm is required for steel supports.

Solid surface materials cannot be used as a structural material and if your project requires this we can discuss options.

If your installation requires fixing materials to a wall it is your responsibility to ensure that the wall is structurally sound. We are able to provide advice or supply appropriate brackets.

Hob Cut Outs

These will be fabricated as a standard and any variance on this will need to be discussed. On flush fit hobs we use heat reflecting tape to minimise the risk of cracking but would require a 3mm gap around the edge using silicone in a colour of your choice will fill in the gap and allow for heat expansion.

Downdraft Extractors will require a further cut out so please make us aware if this will be the case.

Hob Bars

If you choose this option please note that the grooves will be cut slightly bigger to allow for heat expansion. The bars will be made of brushed stainless Steel and may vary slightly.

Socket cut outs

If you require pop up sockets to be cut out, please ensure that these are available when templating and installing. We will be pricing this at a standard size of 102mm diameter socket so please let us know if your option is different.  We do not install pop up sockets and only fabricate a fit that allows for them.

If we are allowing for sockets on your upstands or splashbacks we will need the sockets in place when templating and fascias removed and made safe. We are not able to work if any of the sockets are live. Please make sure the fascias are on location during templating and installation to ensure accuracy.


We will ensure that we protect the solid surface by installing heat and moisture resistant material (Promat SUPALUX) above the dishwasher. It is best that you minimise the contact to the underside of the work surface with steam from your dishwasher and we would recommend that you ensure that the kitchen fitter has installed the ‘condensation drip strip’ to protect the subframe from heat. It is also advisable that you do not open the dishwasher until it has fully cooled to prevent steam from catching the underside of your unit.


No water or gas plumbing will be undertaken by our fitters and you will need to arrange this separately. We would recommend that this be done once we have completed the installation to avoid additional costs to you.

Solid Surface Sinks

As these are not made from the same batch material as your work surface there may be a slight variance in colour. These sinks are subject to the same conditions as the work surfaces therefore we do not recommend pouring boiling water into them or adding a boiling water tap to your fit. If you would like to add a boiling water tap we would recommend a sink with a stainless Steel bottom such as Mixa or Fontana.

Standard Corian Sinks are available in four colours (Glacier White, Cameo white, Bone and Vanilla). Other alternatives are available so please ask us for more details.

Some special order sinks may have a 3 -7 week lead time that may impact delivery and some sinks are not suitable for thermoforming in tight areas.

The positions of over flows will be decided by us unless agreed prior to templating. All kitchen sinks come with basket strainer wastes with overflow connector unless otherwise stated. The full waste kit will need to be ordered separately. Bathroom Vanity units will come with a different option to that of a waste which can be made available on request.

Please ensure that the sink you choose fits into the unit(s) that is to hold them as we cannot take responsibility for such issues.

Other Sinks

If you are having a non solid surface sink please make sure these are on site when we template and install. Under mounted sinks will need to be taken away for fabrication with the worktops.

On under mounted sinks we will leave a 5mm overhang on our solid surface unless agreed otherwise.

Some sinks may require additional support which will need to be in place prior to installation.

Drainer Grooves and Recessed Drainers

Drainer grooves are for aesthetic purposes and not designed to facilitate effective draining as such there are a variety of designs to choose from.  There are non standards options available which will incur additional costs.

Recess drainers are available on request and will only work within the draining area. Please ask for more details.

Drainer grooves and recesses are available together.

For Use as Doors

Special hinges need to be considered if you are using solid surface materials for doors. Please ask for details.


Thermoforming may cause discolouration in certain colours and jobs. A list of colours where Thermoforming is not recommended can be supplied. We are happy to advise and suggest alternatives.

Repairing Sold Surface materials

If a repair is necessary we will need to use the materials from the original batch to ensure colour match. As such we leave ‘off cuts’ and or a chopping board which can be used in such instances. Please keep them safe. We are unable to replace such off cuts or chopping boards if used for repair as this is an added service and not part of the quote we provide. If you require us to leave additional chopping boards as part of your job we are able to add this to your order when quoting.

Where there are no off cuts or matching materials we cannot guarantee an inconspicuous repair.

Quotations for repairs of solid surface materials are an estimate based on the description of the damage and an analysis of any images we may have received. We will not know the true cost of the repair till we arrive on site and as such your invoice may reflect these costs.

Please contact us should you have any further questions to that outlined above. You can email us at sales@adfabrications.co.uk